Top 9 YouTube channels to learn WordPress in 2023

Here are the top 9 YouTube channels to learn WordPress in 2020. This ranking here is all my personal opinion.

Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy Korpershoek is a very famous YouTuber with more than 172k subscriber. He has started creating tutorials on WordPress, Elementor, Theme customization, Logo design since 2015. I especially like his presentation skills which makes me to watch his video’s longer time. A one video on Ferdy Korp is provided here.


This channel is created and managed by Rino, who is a famous YouTuber from the Netherlands. He has a follower of 50k+ at this moment in 2020. He creates tutorials on WordPress, Elementor, Adobe XD and Graphic design. I like his voice and presentation skills. Also, he provides quality video’s which you can apply and create nice looking WordPress websites. A sample video is attached here.

WordPress For Non-Techies

This channel is created and managed by Adam Preiser, who is a famous tech YouTuber. He is famous for creating WordPress tips for non-techies. That means anyone who has no technical background can learn WordPress from his video’s. It’s simple yet effective and you can practice all the examples here are build a nice WordPress site. An example video is attached here.

Create a Pro Website

This channel is created and managed by Dale, who is really a famous Tech Blogger. In this channel, he covers a wide variety of topics in WordPress like Elementor, Divi, WooCommerce, affiliate-marketing, and graphic design. I like his channel because it’s fun to watch and at the same point you learn WordPress quickly. Those who want to learn WordPress with Fun, you can follow this channel. A sample video of the channel attached here.

Tyler Moore

This channel is created and managed by Tyler Moore, which is a very famous WordPress blogger and Entrepreneur. He started creating tutorials in 2011 and has more than 370k+ subscribers. He covers a wide variety of topics like WordPress, Elementor, Theme customization etc. Feel free to follow his channel to get some more interesting video’s.


This channel is created by Ran Segall, a designer, and an entrepreneur. He started his channel in 2015 and also manage multiple other channels as well. He covers topics like Graphic Design, Web Design, WordPress, Elementor, WooCommerce, and Theme customization. He has a subscriber of 209k+. A sample video from his channel given below.


This channel is created and managed by Leon Tran, who is creating Technical Videos since 2013. I like his channel because it covers a lot of things about WordPress with all free plugins/themes. A sample video of his channel is given below.

Nayyar Shaikh

This channel is created and managed by Nayyar Shaikh, who is an Indian Tech blogger. He is really popular with these easy and simple videos. He has a growing subscriber of 165k+. His tutorials are always in-depth and provide a complete guide for setting up an e-commerce site, educational training site, or even CRM systems. Feel free to follow him to learn some real WordPress examples. A popular video from his channel is given here.

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