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Should I Buy An Expired Domain?: The Pros And Cons

Buying an expired domain is a great way to buy a high-quality domain name for less. But before you buy, there are some things that you should consider. We’ll share with you the pros and cons of buying a domain and help you make your decision!

What is an expired domain?

An expired domain is a website name that’s been registered and then been left without any updates for some time. Eventually, the registrar will take back control of the site and it becomes available to buy again. If you buy an expired domain, it can be cheaper than registering a new one because there are no renewals or cost-of-ownership fees associated with buying an old property!

Why buy an expired domain?

There are a lot of reasons to buy an expired domain! Some people buy them because they’re tired of paying the annual fees for their old website. Others buy them so that they can use them as collateral for a bank loan, or even sell it at auction later on down the road. It’s also possible that you want to buy an expired domain and turn it into your own blog or portfolio site – this is especially true if you’ve been wanting to start something new but didn’t know where to begin.

The benefits of buying an expired domain?

  • buy an expired domain for a low cost – In many cases, people buy expired domains because they’re looking to buy something cheap. These sites are often available at a lower price than other comparable websites that have not yet gone out of business.
  • buy an old domain with history and prestige – some buyers may be drawn by the idea of buying a prestigious or established site that has already been up and running in their industry for some time. This is especially true if you want to establish your own blog on these kinds of platforms instead of starting from scratch.
  • buy an expired domain without competing bids – while it’s possible that there will be more competition when you bid on new domains, bidding on older ones can be easier since there is less competition.
  • buy an expired domain with a higher ranking – if you’re looking to have your website come up in the search engines, buying an abandoned site that has been ranked over time is often worth it.
  • buy an expired domain for a much lower price tag than what would be expected on other platforms

*Buy an expired domain with backlinks to your previous content

  • buy an expired domain with less competition – this is especially useful if you’re looking for a niche word or phrase that isn’t popular.
  • buy an expired domain and build on it from there- while some people choose to buy domains, others prefer building their sites from scratch. If you buy the site, have a plan in place so that by investing in something already ranked higher than what you would be able to rank yourself at first, then you can work up gradually rather than starting over again completely.

*Rank your content – buy an expired domain with a history of ranking well in Google and you can have the best of both worlds.

*Buy an expired domain for your blog- it’s not always easy to start over from scratch, especially if you’re doing so on a regular basis. Buying domains that are already established gives you access to traffic someone else has been building up which is perfect for those who want their blogs to be seen by as many people as possible without having to do too much work themselves.

The risks of buying an expired domain?

Even though there are a lot of advantages to buying an expired domain, there are also some risks to take into consideration. The biggest risk is that someone might buy the same one before you do and then it’s theirs forever.

Another huge potential problem is not being able to buy all of the other domains with a similar name or words in them if they’re available for purchase- this could be devastating because at that point you’ve committed yourself but can’t go through with what you set out to do.

With an expired domain, you are owning the reputation of the domain as well and if it is bad, it will reflect poorly on you. The last thing to consider is the buy and sell fees that come with the domain- often they’re high but in some cases, like if your business expands or a competitor buys out your company, buy and sell rates can be reduced by making an agreement with whoever owns them at that point.

So should I buy an expired domain?

This really depends on what kind of person you are: do you want all of these risks associated with owning something as valuable as this? If not then pass up buying one … But if so, there are definitely pros for doing it too!

How to find the right one for you?

If you have decided to buy an expired domain, then the next step is finding one. You can buy domains from other websites like GoDaddy or you can buy them off of someone else who has already bought one for their company and want to sell it.

You can also find old or expired domains in Flippa auctions. Flippa is a marketplace for buy and sells websites, domains, and app businesses.

If you are looking to buy an expired domain from someone who has already bought one themselves then the next step would be negotiating with them so that they will agree on the price and terms of sale.

Buying tips and tricks?

Buying a domain is not easy, so we here list down some tips and tricks to buy an expired domain:

  • be aware of hijackers
  • buy older domains than the recent ones as they are cheaper and people will not be expecting them.

But if you buy too old, the chances that someone else has already registered it is high. So make sure to check for available search options before making a purchase decision

  • buy from reputable sellers or brokers who have been in business long enough so that their prices won’t bounce back up after your purchase has gone through. A lot of these brokers also offer special deals on bulk purchases which can save money when buying more than one domain name

-Check the previous history of the domain before buying it, the more traffic and content a domain has had, the better.

  • buy from auction sites like Flippa

Frequently asked questions

Can I use an expired domain?

Yes, you can buy an expired domain and use it for your own purposes.

It is high enough to check for available search options before making a purchase decision, buy from reputable sellers or brokers who have been in business long enough so that their prices won’t bounce back up after your purchase has gone through, check the previous history of the domain before buying it.

If there are no restrictions on how you want to use an expired domain then go ahead and buy one with caution as they might not be worth anything if someone else wants them to!

What happens if a domain is expired?

When a domain expires, other people can buy them to use for themselves.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of buying an expired domain, but they depend on what you want from the domain.

The main advantage is that it will be cheaper in price than a new domain name because there is no time limit on when someone else can buy it before you do.

An expired domain could also have more traffic coming to your site since search engines like Google rank higher domains that get frequent visitors over those with little or no traffic at all.

It’s important to buy from trustworthy sellers who won’t take your money and not give you anything back if something goes wrong after purchase so as not to lose any out-of-pocket cash!

How long after domain expiration can you buy it?

This will depend on what type of domain name it is.

For example, you can buy an expired .com for one year after the expiration date and a .net for two years after the expiration date if there are no competing bids or offers to buy the domain in that time frame from other people who want to buy it.

A person could buy an expired dot-biz (dot-name) as soon as they become available again because nobody else has priority over this purchase.

It’s important not to buy from someone outside your country unless you know them personally so that their personal information matches up with yours!

What happens if you don’t renew your domain name?

If you don’t renew your domain name, someone else could buy it.

If you don’t renew your domain name, then the responsibility of maintaining that website will be passed to a third party, and costs for this service are not included in the purchase price.

How do I renew an expired domain?

To renew your domain name, you need to buy it again. It’s important not to buy from someone outside your country unless you know them personally so that their personal information matches up with yours!

How long does GoDaddy keep expired domains?

GoDaddy will keep expired domains for a period of one year.

If you buy a domain that has been expired, the full purchase price is due at the time of sale and not prorated from when it was first purchased.

What happens to your email if your domain expires?

If your domain expires, you may lose access to any email that is set up for your website.

Is domain name squatting illegal?

Domain name squatting is not illegal in the United States, but it can violate trademark law.

Can I renew my domain name with another provider?

Yes, you can renew your domain name with another provider if the registration period has not yet expired. You need to transfer the domain to another provider and then you can renew your domain from there afterward.

How do I renew my domain name with another company?

Transferring your domain to another provider is easy. You will need to contact the registrar of your current domain and notify them that you want to move it elsewhere. They should be able to help with this process for free if you’ve recently renewed or registered a new one with them within the last year. Otherwise, they may charge a small fee (usually around $15 – $20).

How do I buy an expired domain GoDaddy?

You can buy an expired domain from Godaddy Auctions

Do Google domains automatically renew?

Google domains do not automatically renew. You will need to contact customer service to buy a renewal for your domain.

How long does a domain name last?

A domain name lasts around ten years. You will need to buy a renewal every year if you want your domain name to stay active for that amount of time, and pay the corresponding fee each year as well.

What happens if you don’t pay for your domain?

If you don’t pay for your domain then it will expire. If this happens, you will lose any traffic that comes to your domain.

If a domain expires then it is available for anyone to buy it if they want. You won’t be able to buy an expired domain from Godaddy Auctions.

Is domain Flipping illegal?

Domain flipping is not illegal. It has been around for years and a lot of people buy expired domain names without knowing the person or company who owns them, just so they can sell them later on to make money.

It’s legal because you’re buying an item that’s already owned by someone else from auction sites like eBay or Amazon.

How much should domain renewal cost?

Domain renewal rates are determined by the domain registrar. Typically, they range from $14.99 to $24.99 per year and can be paid annually or monthly at a cost of $15-$25 respectively.

How can I get a free domain?

There are some companies like Freenom.com which provides free domain names, but it has some limitations as well like it only provides (dot)TK extension.

Is selling domains legal?

Domain selling is legal and it’s been going on for years. People buy and sell domain names from marketplaces like Flippa / Godaddy Auctions and it’s a profitable business as well.

How much does GoDaddy charge to sell a domain?

GoDaddy Auctions Members can list domains for free.

Domain Sale Price Commission

$0 – $5,000 20% ( $15 minimum)

$5,001 – $25,000 $1,000 + 15% of amount over $5,000

$25,000 + $4,000 + 10% of amount over $25,000


The Pros of buying an expired domain are that you can get a great deal on the price and have more control over your website. You also don’t need to worry about another company claiming it first, because they’re already gone! There are some Cons though as well- for example when people search for keywords related to the name or original site, they may inadvertently end up at your site instead of theirs. What do you think? Leave a comment below with what you would like us to cover next time in this series.

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