How to get more traffic in your WordPress blog

With all the great marketing possibilities out there, it can get confusing to know which ones will get you the best results. This article covers some of the most effective strategies for increasing traffic to your WordPress blog so that you can get more people viewing and reading what you have to say.

Create a catchy blog post title

A catchy blog post title is the first step when it comes to getting more traffic on your website. The aim of a good title is not only to get people interested but also to get them to scroll down through the page and reading what you have written. There are two main types of titles that we are going to discuss: headline titles and sub-headline titles. Headlines should be short, exciting, and catchy whereas sub-headlines can go into more detail about what your article covers without being too long or boring for readers who don’t want to read any further than the headlines.

Add images to your posts that are relevant to the topic.

Use images in your post to get readers more interested in the topic. For example, if you are writing about a new way to get traffic on your blog then use an image of a website that is getting traffic or another post with high views and shares. This will help get people reading for longer as they see that other posts have done well and want to know how yours can do too.

Use this strategy when you need people’s attention but don’t have enough time to write out everything in long-form content. You can leave them wanting more so they’ll come back later for the conclusion!

Use videos for tutorials, interviews, and product demonstrations

Use videos as much as possible for tutorials, product demonstrations, interviews, and more. Video is the best way to get your point across in a short amount of time. It can be made quickly with no formal training or equipment needed!

The software you use doesn’t matter as much either because all video editing programs are fairly easy to learn. You will get better over time if it’s something that interests you so don’t get discouraged! The most important thing is what message you want to send-not how well put together it may look like at first glance.

This content strategy works great when trying to explain things without having too many words on the page but still wanting people to watch for longer than just one minute or less before they get bored and leave (which happens in most cases for textual content) your site.

You get more views on your video when you upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites where people can see it in their feeds. You should also include a link back to the blog post that this content is all about so they have the opportunity to read what else you’ve written-which will get them even more interested!

The “headline” for your video (the text that shows up before someone clicks play) matters too. Make sure it’s interesting enough or worth watching: if not, then less than 20% of viewers will watch the past three seconds which doesn’t matter because there are plenty of videos competing with yours for attention anyway.

Optimize your keywords in order to rank higher on search engines

Use proper keywords in the blog title, blog description, post, and page title.

Make sure that your content is relevant to the keyword you’re targeting.

Keep a balance of keywords throughout the text so they get picked up by keyword searchers at Amazon or Google for example.

Use different keyword phrases instead of repeating words all over the place as it will get flagged by search engines as spammer behavior which could get your site blacklisted from SERPS (search engine results pages) altogether!

Write good quality content that is informative and helpful

Content is king. Create quality content that is informative and helpful. It should not just be a lengthy list of keywords or an endless stream of content with no meaning, get to the point quickly and get your readers engaged in reading what you’re saying!

If you provide valuable content to your audience, they’ll get a chance to get more traffic coming in from your site. Make sure that your audience gets benefited from your blog posts.

It’s important to get readers hooked on your blog posts. They should be compelled to read the next sentence or paragraph, and so on. You can do this by providing a teaser line in the introduction of your post that is intriguing enough for people who want more information, keep reading!

Make sure you’re writing good quality content every time because it could get your site blacklisted from SERPs altogether if you are not careful!

Write posts that are relevant to what you know about

Write articles that you know about and are knowledgeable about. The best thing to do is write content that you’re passionate about, even if it’s not what your blog is all about!

If you are not the expert on that topic that you are writing, then I suggest you learn and become an expert on that particular topic and then start writing.

Link out to other blogs as much as possible

Link out to other blogs as much as possible on your blog posts. This will get you more exposure, and also get the chance of being linked back here in return!

If there are specific articles that you want people to read then link those too so they can get a better understanding of what it is about.

Lastly, make sure all links open up in new windows when clicked because this way users won’t be taken away from your site.

Promote your content on social media channels

Social networks can really get your blog content out there to get more attention.

There are many ways you can do this, like creating an infographic and sharing it on Facebook or Twitter with a link back to the original post, uploading pictures of what readers made from reading your post – anything that will get people’s eyes on your site is good!

You can also create helpful video tutorials and publish them to get more video views which will forward some traffic to your website as well.

By providing social media resources for readers, they are likely going to share your content on their own channels which is going to help with traffic back up here at your site.

Share other people’s content (with permission) by linking back to their site.

When you are sourcing content to share, get permission from the original creator. You don’t want to get in trouble for copyright infringement!

Once you share content from another creator then there is a chance that some visitors might find your site in search of that content. In this way, you get to be in the position of allowing links back to your site.

This sounds like a lot, but it’s really quite simple if you know what type of content is going viral on social media channels and are able to share quality work!

Comment on other blogs related to yours

Look for other blogs with similar content like yours and then make comments over there to get some exposure to those audiences. In this way, you are connected with similar-minded people and get more traffic to your site from those external sites.

Also don’t just put meaningless comments, rather provide valuable comments which help those people with their queries. By helping people you gain authority over that topic and then people also visit your site for information.

In this process, you gain traffic from those well-established websites and your blog becomes popular in the community.

Ensure google finds your site

At last, please ensure that google finds your site and your site is not blocked to search engines by placing an incorrect ROBOT.TXT file. This is really a silly mistake that a lot of bloggers make, which potentially ruins their hours of work.

So validate your robot.txt file from google and make sure your site is crawlable by search engines.


You might be wondering what the point of all this is. Well, I’m getting to that! Your blog needs traffic from people who are interested in your content and those visitors need to convert into subscribers or website users so you can continue generating revenue. If we work together, our team can make it happen for you by creating a marketing plan tailored just for your business goals. We’ve put together a ton of helpful resources on how to do everything from writing better posts to promoting them effectively – don’t miss out! What have been some strategies that have worked well for increasing traffic? Share them with us below and let’s brainstorm about ways they may apply in other industries as well.

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