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How to manage your WordPress site from Mobile (Android and iPhone )

Many WordPress site owners have been looking for a WordPress management app that is compatible with their mobile devices. The best way to manage your WordPress site from your mobile is by downloading an android or iPhone WordPress management app. This article will give you some tips and tricks on how to use these apps in order to make managing your WordPress site easier than ever before!

Install the WordPress app on your device

Start with downloading the WordPress app on your android or iPhone. It is important to note that these apps are only compatible with WordPress sites and not flat file websites (such as blogs). Once you have downloaded the WordPress app, all of your WordPress tasks will be at your fingertips! You can now upload content from anywhere by simply tapping a button, manage posts, pages, and comments effortlessly and update plugins without having to access an internet connection.

Login to your site from mobile using the same credentials you use for desktop

Once you have WordPress installed on your device, log in to the WordPress app with the same user name and password that you use for your desktop. This will connect you to your WordPress site which is accessible from anywhere in the world without having an internet connection! You can now access all of your tasks – uploading content (images), managing posts, pages, comments, editing plugins- right from this interface. The WordPress mobile app also lets you schedule a post ahead of time so it goes live at any specific date or time!

Use the menu bar at the bottom of the screen to navigate around your site, just like it’s a desktop browser.

  • Tasks: Manage Posts, Pages, Comments
  • Edit Plugins
  • Upload Images (Content)
  • Add Widgets to Your Site – plan WordPress posts ahead of time!

Click on these options and it will take you right to that area. Click the word press icon in any post or page for editing text content as well! It’s just like your WordPress account but without a mouse. You can use this WordPress app from anywhere with an internet connection if you have access to android or iPhone mobile devices. Mobile device users also get notifications when new comments are added so they never miss a beat! No more waiting until you’re at home or work before responding quickly to feedback.

The only difference is that when you tap an article or post title, it will open in a new window instead of loading in place – this way, you can browse and read other content while reading one article without having to go back and forth between windows.

You can also bookmark articles and posts to save them for later reading offline! If you want to download any images from an article or post, just tap on them and they’ll be saved automatically!

Settings allows you to customize how your site looks on mobile devices.

Tap “Appearance” to access the following options:

  • Site Name and Tagline (what will appear on your site’s logo in a browser)
  • Logo Image
  • Full Site Width (want one column or two? Yes please!)
  • Background Color / Texture
  • Text Colors & Fonts – you can also select from five preloaded fonts, including Georgia, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica Neue Light, or Lucida Grande. To use bold text within content posts and pages tap ‘Bold’. For italics text tap Italic. If you want to switch back to regular font styles just tap Regular again.

You can also upload images from your camera roll by clicking “Add Media” at the top of the screen

  • “Add Media” button at top of the screen
  • Camera Roll
  • Click on the photo, then click and drag it to upload. (The app will automatically resize for you)

Images uploaded from your camera roll can be dragged into a WordPress post or sidebar widget area by clicking and dragging them onto that section.


We hope this article has been helpful for you. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments about how to manage your WordPress site from mobile (Android and iPhone), please leave them below!

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